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Monday, November 06, 2006

CLO Fantasy Camp

Peter Jones, Bristol-Meyers Squibb Fantasy Camp - experience something you may not ordinarily do; usually takes a week F2F - such as baseball, rock & roll, covert spy Today: Experience highs and lows of CLO role Responsibilites:

  • Manages and owns the business of learning: budgets, P & L
  • Ensures employees have access to pertinent business information and knowledge
  • Often drives corproate, cultural and change initiative
  • Manages finacials for maintaqining learning organization and securing goods and services


  • Aligning learning initiatives to business goals
  • Building a learning governance strategy and structure
  • Managing financials
  • Measuring overall business impact of the learning function - Learning Scorecard
  • Selecting Learning Technolgies
  • "Right" sourcing Learning

TASK: Prepare a 5 minute elevator speech to CEO on the business case and rationale for a CLO positon for the company.

RESPONSES: Business professional with learning expertise.

Grant Ricketts, Saba: Learning Governance. Includes coordination of processes abd standards. Adopt a stakeholder view of the learning organization and reach across its members to reach a shared governance model.




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