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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Flipping the Switch: Habits of Mind to Habits of Bloggers

Early in the summer I had a brainstorm . . . Blogging on my own was only partially successful since I wasn't answerable (production wise) to anybody but me. In the world of this ENTP (accent on the "P" character of my personality preference), having a CoP (community of practice, that is) drives me into action. And so I enlisted the help of some consulting colleagues . . . Sandy Wells, Roz Kay, Roberta Pierick, Tony Silbert, Susan Dannon and Loretta Randolph. We lauched Appreciative Inquiry Annotations on October 6. Three members of the blog team (besides me) have contributed. Some great traffic has been generated (1,131 visitors to date) and 5 blogs link to us. Getting into the flow of blogging requires two shifts as I see it: 1. A Shift of Mind - sort of a correspondent's view of the world that integrates and incorporates facts, observations, opinions and the larger world that can inform and expand a seemingly shallow topic into a rich, deep posting. 2.A Shift of Habits - from just noticing things on the web and moving on to bookmarking and categorzing, referring to them in postings,creating links, and then adding the blogs and sites that continually register on the radar screen into a blogroll. And that is why I now, more than ever, value the thoughts of blogger, Vicki Davis, at Ten habits of bloggers that win! These useful tips are just what my novice blogging team will find helpful. Thanks Vicki!


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