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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Getting a project on my radar screen . . .

This is not quite like asking the question "what do you want to be when you grow up?" but more than "where do you want to go on vacation?" . . . you know, not just a simple destination, more of an experience. One idea for a project seems to fit the bill . . . two consultants have been open to the idea of a blog on nonprofit management. They want to share editorial responsibilities with me -- a good idea since there's a lot of ground we could cover. Still, an interesting blog has a purpose, a slant on life, a personality of its own. So, here's my plan: I'll check out some of the blogs from the nonprofit gurus. Several benefits in that . . . to gauge what's out there, to see what niche we could fill, and to pick up some good ones for my RSS. Here goes . . .

First stop, OmidyarNetwork -- what a goldmine of sources where I find a list of nonprofit blogs and browse them to find some nice examples.

PS If you're wondering what the relevance is to the car, it was something I always wanted "when I grew up". So last summer my son and I bought it 50/50.


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