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Saturday, September 23, 2006

25 Things You May Find Interesting About Me

About 10 years ago I was flying from the West Coast to New York and in the seat next to me was a guy from Disney who had spent his career in the visual arts. He started to ask me questions about my life and work. At the end of an hour, he handed me the sketch on the left of this posting. Whenever I come across it in my office, I have to smile as I think about the things that seemed significant at the time and the dreams I envisioned fulfilled by now. Nearly 5 years after that experience, I was going to be interviewed. For some unforgotten reason, it was important that the person get a more personal and eclectic view of who I was. So I created the "25 Things" list that follows:

Loves college basketball and waits all year for March Madness. Is a kinesthetic learner – who is not afraid of making mistakes. Can make 6 kinds of biscotti – and bakes them for *special* people. Holds the world record at Shea Stadium for the largest single block of tickets sold for one Mets game -- 7023. Has experience with Reusable Learning Objects. Was introduced to experiential learning by Sister Ethel Rita in the 4th grade. Can tell you what she wore for every significant experience in her life. Thinks multitasking is a required skill set for all human beings. Listens to Car Talk on NPR every Saturday. Was hooked on science as a result of an 8th grade report on Sputnik. Has met an FBI spy (really!). Has trained and coached over 200 trainers. Can name the 3 islands in the Bay of Naples – one of which where her grandparents were born. Is certified to administer the MBTI and CCL’s Benchmarks. Knows why Stephen Brookfield gave up guitar playing. Considers a Blackberry a fashion necessity. Is not afraid of bugs. Was responsible for running 3 after school centers serving 300 girls in Harlem, East Harlem and the South Bronx. Owns over 300 books related to learning, OD and management – at last count. Thinks ice cream is one of the basic food groups. Is a world-class sailing passenger. Has had Joseph Luft to dinner. Had her car broken into at Columbia University when she was picking up a paper she had written about crime on campus. Teaches grad school courses online for the joy of it. Intends to learn how to play the piano and use woodworking tools when she retires.
Many things on that list are still true; some are not. So, what's the point? People are composites of their life history, experiences and aspirations. They continue to change dynamically, to grow and outgrow, to learn and unlearn . . . Scratch the surface of my today and you'll find my yesterday and my tomorrow. What's yours?


  • Hey Loretta. I really like this. Interesting that the first thing you list - March Madness - is super high on my list too. When I figure out the other 24, I'll ping ya back!


    By Blogger Dave Lee, at 10/13/2006 11:11:00 PM  

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